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Product Pricing

80 Inch Single

80 Inch Double

96 Inch Single

96 Inch Double

RYD - Platinum Standard
(Spar Varnish UV Resistant)






Wondering what to do with your front door after the flood?
There's no need to buy a brand new front door if it was flooded.  Restore Your Door can restore it, helping you save money.
Contact us with your questions and we'll be happy to assist you.

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Color Type

KwikSet UltraMAX

Brass Finish Color

Arlington - Chelsea - Sheridan

Antique Finish Color

Arlington - Chelsea - Sheridan

Pewter Finish Color

Arlington - Chelsea - Sheridan

Add a Kick Plate

Select Color and Size to Fit

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The OEM replacement locksets can be viewed on the Lockset Page. The selection above will meet most customers needs, however for the more discerning, we do offer an upgrade service at an additional cost that includes lockset products from Schlage.

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