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Maintenance Tips...


To maintain the beauty and prolong the life of the finish on your door we suggest the following:

1. Once a month or more frequently if desired, and definitely during the spring pollen season, clean the door with a damp cloth to remove the dust and dirt from the surface.


2. Contrary to our former position on using an occasional coat of old fashioned paste, we now recommend against it. Field trials have shown that some wax manufacturers are including additives that affect oil based finishes and their acceptance of future maintenance coats of Polyurethane or Varnish.


3. Never use any type of compound polish such as, Pledge, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Old English or similar products, even old fashioned paste on refinished wood door!!!  These products may leave behind silicones that do not mix with Oil based finishes. (If the finish on your door is old, tarnished and dull looking, Lemon Oil may even remove what is left of the finish)


4. Inspect the door for any dryness, edge or joint cracking, flaking or peeling. These are signs the door already needs refinishing. (As needed, it is best to coat the door with a like Pratt & Lambert's product before flaking or peeling is seen)


5. You should avoid the contact of Windex or any alcohol and ammonia based agent against a fresh coat of Polyurethane or Spar Varnish when cleaning the glass. Also, do not use adhesive tape on fiberglass doors.


6. Once a year, a small application of light oil (W20-40) on the hinges and moving parts of the lock and leverset will ensure smooth action. Don't forget to wipe off the excess oil with paper towel!


A well maintained door will provide years of beauty and service. Please feel free to call us anytime. We will be glad to provide helpful advice. 

Cost per door maintenance is $150.  Ask for discount on more that one door.




Phone: 713.861.2081
E-mail: info@restoreyourdoor.com

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