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Houston - At Restore Your Door we refinish and restore entrance doors... Nothing in your home gets more attention from a visitor or more neglect from its owner than an entrance door. It is opened, closed, banged and sometimes slammed; yet we expect it to serve us faithfully without much attention for years.

A door keeps out the elements, secures our loved ones, welcomes our guests and creates a first impression. But there comes a time when it needs a little help... Restore Your Door provides that help!

"We Remove, Carefully Restore,
Return and Refit Your Entrance Door"

Our in-shop seven-to-ten day restoration process sets us apart from the one-day on-site refinishers and costs only a little more. We guarantee the beauty, quality, and finish of your restored door. Most traditional restoration processes use chemical strippers and oil based stains and varnishes, these produce allergenic vapors as they dry.

Our in-shop service eliminates the source of these allergens in your home. We at "Restore your Door" provide a time-honored quality process that is environmentally friendly, and that we guarantee to be equal in quality to the original finish and better than you hoped for.  

A Beautiful Door... What you Hoped For

Some things have changed over 60 years, some have not. Wood is still wood... The quality of oil based Stains, Polyurethane and Varnishes has improved with years of research and development, but the natural drying time of oil based finishes has not changed much, it still takes 6 to 48 hours before the next coat can be applied.  Chemically speeding up the process may change the character and durability of the finish. Investing time in the process now will ensure your future satisfaction.

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"There is a difference between getting what you pay for and what you hope for"

Malcolm Forbes (1919-90)   Publisher Fortune 500

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