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We Make Restoring Your Door Easy With Simple Refinishing Solutions...


Restoration Services

Standard 80" Door

 Platinum   Standard

  (Uses Pratt & Lamberts Premium Vitralite     Exterior UVA Spar Varnish)

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  • Contact client for appointment time.
  • Arrive on time, remove and replace entrance door with finished temporary solid wood door.
  • Transport door for restoration.
  • Strip (exterior side only) and apply a neutralizing chemical wash and allow to dry naturally, sand the door, apply a custom color mix of Sheffield Oil Stain.
  • Apply a hand brushed 5 coat finishing process, (exterior side only) lightly sanding between coats.
  • Allow to cure naturally between coats, usually 18 - 24 hours
  • Clean leaded glass inserts, clean interior surfaces, and basic hardware cleaning.
  • Contact client for re-installation appointment time.
  • Arrive on time, remove temporary door and reinstall restored entrance door test for security, fit and finish
  • Approximate time: 7-10 days.

Spar Varnish


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Due to the high prices on materials and fuel, we cannot offer any discounts, but we still keep our same prices for years. 
Thank you for your understanding and support.

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